Aside from fluids, your vehicle has other parts that need to be serviced or replaced. We install a full range of other important automotive products.


Cabin Filters
By removing the pollen, mold and other debris from the outside, the cabin air filter not only keep you breathing easy – it also increases air conditioning and defrost performance.

Cabin Filters $19.95 (starting at)


Engine Air Filter
For every gallon of gas, the engine air filter cleans over 9,000 gallons of air. By removing dirt and debris before reaching your engine, the air filter plays a crucial role in reducing engine wear, prolonging the life of your motor, and maintaining vehicle acceleration.

Engine Air Filters $19.95 (starting at)


K&N Permanent Filters
We supply & install all K&N permanent filters
Authorized K&N Dealer/Installer

K&N Permanent Filters
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Fuel Filter Service
$59.95 (starting at)


Fuel Filter Service

$59.95 (starting at)

Weathertech Car Mats & Liners

We supply and install the entire Weathertech product line

Custom, digital fit car mats made to order
$139.95 for 2 (starting at)
Cargo Liners
$99.95 (starting at)
Pet Dividers & Ramps $69.95 (starting at)



Seasonal Tire Swap
$29.95/4 (on rims)
(all tires and rims supplied by customer) $29.95/tire (breakdowns)
Balancing available
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Rotation inquire for price


Battery Services

We supply & install Interstate Batteries
$99.95 (starting at)



Defender Electronic Rust Proofing

Environmentally friendlier than traditional rust protection methods. One time installation, no more messy sprays
$349.95 (starting at)




We carry all size exterior bulbs for all makes & models
$5.95 (starting at)


  • Head Lights
  • Tail Lights
  • Brake Lights
  • Signal Lights
  • Fog Lights
  • License Plate
We also carry PIAA high performance bulbs
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Wiper Blades

Front Wipers
$9.95 (starting at)
Rear Wipers
$19.95 (starting at)