The fluids in your vehicle need to also be changed and topped up to keep your vehicle working to its optimum performance.

Engine System Cleaning

A traditional drain and fill oil change service can leave up to 20% of the used oil inside your engine. What remains behind is often the sludge and varnish deposits, wear debris and other contaminants that do the most damage. They start to contaminate the fresh oil the moment you turn the ignition key resulting in poor mileage and engine performance. A complete engine cleaning recommended every 15,000 km or once a year.

 Quick Flush $14.95
 Complete Flush $29.95
 Recommended Additives with Flush:
 High mileage vehicles & active leaks – Lucas Stop Leak $9.95


Transmission Fluid Exchange

Your vehicle’s automatic transmission system is designed to transfer power from the engine to the sheels at a consistent level. Transmission fluid is subject to tremendous amounts of heat and wear and it fails over time as the viscosity changes. Failuer to change out the old oil regularly can result in erratic shifting and/or complete transmission failure. Transmission fluid exchanges are recommended every 50,000 kms or every 3 years. Transmission filter changes are recommended every 100,000 kms.

Transmission Fluid Exchange
$79.95 (starting at)
Transmission Pan Drop (fluid exchange and filter change)
Recommended Additives for active issue:
Lucas Oil Transmission Stop Slip $18.95
Lucas Oil Transmission Conditioner $14.95


Power Steering Fluid Exchange

Over miles and time, small amounts of wear products will build up in your power steering fluid. These wear products are bits of plastic, rubber and metal from inside the system that naturally wear off over time. As these particles are pushed around in the power steering fluid, they can accelerate wear to many of the seals on components in the system. Since there is no filter in your power steering system, the only way to remove these small particles is to remove the power steering fluid and add new, clean fluid. Power steering fluid changes are not recommended on a regular basis and are diagnosed based on oil levels, colour and current steering issues.

Power Steering Fluid Exchange
$89.95 (starting at)
Recommended Additives for active leaks:
Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak $14.95


Differential Fluid Exchange

Changing this oil is just as important as changing your engine oil and for the same reasons. Differential fluid provides lubrication to gears, bearings, shafts and other internal components. Heat, pressure and friction can slowly break down the additives in the differential fluid and small particles of metal and clutch material may also come off as they wear and contaminate the oil. Removing old differential fluid and replacing it with new takes the moisture and dirt out of your system and helps extend the performance of your vehicle. This service is recommended every 50,000kms or every 3 years.

Differential Fluid Exchange
$69.95/axle  (starting at)


Coolant Service Coming Soon!!!


** Fluid service recommendations are based on your vehicle’s manufacturer recommended
maintenance schedule and visual inspections by our qualified technicians. **