Castrol Premium Lube Express Orangeville  is a preventive maintenance shop that specializes in top quality service using only the best rated products in the industry.  

We are a family run business with a small town mentality,  we hire and train our oil technicians right from our community and high schools and support our customers and our town every opportunity we get. We are a non-commission based shop,  that means there are no pushy, high pressure sales tactics here.

The following are members of our experienced, friendly staff:


Allan is the proud, hard working owner of Castrol Premium Lube Express Orangeville. Allan started Castrol from the ground up and molded it into a thriving Orangeville business. Allan lives in Orangeville with his wife, Leila, and two sons, Dylan & Jacob.



John started with Castol as a co-op student. He completed his program and has enjoted a full time paid position with us ever since. John lives in Orangeville with his family and is a hard working, dedicated technician.

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